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Cars Are the Real Threat



D.P. Sorensen has pointed out an example of a cyclist who does not desire to follow the letter of the law [“Road Rage,” Dec. 5, City Weekly]. In the process, he is creating and spreading a stereotype based off of bad experiences that overpowers all encounters with cyclists minding their own business, doing their part to keep the air cleaner and more enjoyable to breathe for all.

Let’s look at a more open-minded perspective. People who drive cars run red lights, perform turns without proper signal, speed in residential neighborhoods ... the list goes on and on. We all encounter friendly people and self-righteous assholes. Sorensen appears to be the latter in this category. That may be an ill-formed opinion, but it was created during the minutes it took to read your article.

How many cyclists have injured or killed motorists while driving? I would venture to say none. The difference is 3,000 pounds of protection rather than a chamois pad of overtight protection. We had two cyclist deaths in nearly one month in Salt Lake City. Motorists were at fault in these cases.

Let me know, Mr. Sorensen, if you care to have an honest conversation with me to get to know another
perspective. I think conversation is a great place to foster an improving environment for all of us.

Jake Stocking
Salt Lake City