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Cassandria Parsons @ Palmers Gallery




Cassandria Parsons delivers something for everybody in her inventive, quasi-traditional rural landscapes now showing at Palmers Gallery. Parsons’ views of farms, wooded groves, horses, barns, pastures and wildlife are suggestive of traditional rustic scenes that for generations were the substance of the art of Utah. She maintains traditional integrity but is not locked in this; as an experimental artist, she’s also a part of the ever-increasing productivity of contemporary local artists.

Traditionalists or modernists might enjoy a scene of a farm while also enjoying the colors that contrast lifelessness of older paintings with innumerable hues and tones. The colors in the sky above “Therion’s Pumpkins” are painted in bold strokes, filling it as it would look at a particular time of day, as the impressionists did. “Barn with Blue Roof” (pictured) also will please both schools with a weathered barn that is pure geometry. Although abstracted, these scenes have a wonderful balance of traditional subject matter with a progressive approach.

Cassandria Parsons @ Palmers Gallery, 378 W. 300 South, 801-359-4632, through Aug. 15.

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