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Catch 'Em All

Do you collect anything?



Do you collect anything?

Kathy Mueller: I have a little thing for turtles. As far as I know, the turtle is a symbol of long life and is supposed to bring about positive energy.

Courtney Tanner: I collect vintage cameras, typewriters and Buddha statues. It’s a quirky combination of nostalgia.

Scott Renshaw: Once upon a time, I did comic books—the whole “put them in Mylar sleeves, slip them neatly into boxes” thing. But once you have kids, they manage to absorb that obsessive need to catalog and chronicle.

Kolbie Stonehocker: I collect Catholic memorabilia—saint medals, candles, holy cards, etc.—because I think the artwork is so beautiful and peaceful. I also collect rocks from cool places I visit and vintage postcards.

Doug Kruithof: Set lists from concerts—decades of them—without any date, venue or band labeling to make for a fun brain exercise in my pending retirement years.

Scott Fletcher: I collect event memorabilia: concert tickets, wrist bands, signed merchandise, etc. It’s always interesting to look back at these items and immediately remember everything that happened throughout that day.

Rachel Piper: I collect vintage Agatha Christie mysteries, specifically those with covers illustrated by Tom Adams. I also have hoarder tendencies that lead me to want to “collect” pretty shopping bags, as well as envelopes and shoeboxes.

Pete Saltas: I have quite the keychain collection. I think over 200. Started when I was younger and Papa John would bring them back from all of the newspaper conferences he attended.