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Celebrating the Pioneers


How do you celebrate Pioneer Day?

Scott Renshaw: For the same reason that I don’t wear green on St. Patrick’s Day: I don’t choose to celebrate a day that has little or no connection to my own cultural history. Get back to me when there’s a European Mutt Day.

Rachel Piper: Last year I “celebrated” by running in the Deseret News Classic before work, but the swag bag was less than impressive (cotton T-shirt? really, D-News? I know you’ve got the money for more than that), so this year I’ll be celebrating by going to work and maybe cracking open an office beer a little early.

Jeff Chipian: I celebrate the only way I can. I take advantage of the extra day of fireworks!

Ylish Merkley: Well, when you have ancestors who traveled with the Donner Party, you’d expect that we’d celebrate it. However, my family does not. There aren’t any comedy movies about Pioneer Day for us to watch.

John Saltas: Yes, in the same way my one-fourth Mormon side did in Illinois in the 1840s—I leave.

Sarah Arnoff: Normally, I would jump at the chance to take part in any holiday that lets me create minor explosions.But this year, I’ll be out and about with members of some of the Shoshone tribes, so I doubt there will be much celebrating of pioneers.

Stephen Dark: There’s a wardhouse chuckwagon breakfast near where I live, so I’m contemplating moseying over to say hi prior to negotiating the blocked-off streets on the way to work. Since I missed the July 4 pancake festivities this year at the local wardhouse, I feel the need as a decade-long foreigner to witness a little Mormon-style patriotism.

Kolbie Stonehocker: Not really. I drink beer and watch the neighbors’ fireworks, but that’s pretty much what I do all July long anyway.