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Chain Migration Destroys


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In neither 1787 (the Constitutional Convention) nor 1868 (14th amendment) did the United States have immigration laws. A post-Civil War amendment was passed to provide former slaves citizenship. In 1965, this 14th amendment was “interpreted” to bequeath citizenship to babies born to illegal aliens as anchors against parents being deported and as sponsors for the children’s parents, grandparents, siblings, sibling/spouses into U.S. citizenship. These new citizens can then sponsor more relatives in unending chain migration, destroying both the United States and the country they left.

The millions of illegal aliens in United States cost federal taxpayers billions of dollars yearly for health care, education and incarceration. In Utah, those illegal aliens costs hundreds of millions, and household wages are reduced—meaning less money is being paid to support the state’s infrastructure.

The present bill by state Rep. Stephen Sandstrom, R-Provo, reflects unenforced federal immigration law. This bill must pass and be enforced to save Utah finances.

Vicki Martin