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Chatting With Chaffetz?


Perhaps Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, does respond to comments on his Facebook profile as Katharine Biele wrote in “The Conservative Agenda” June 18. But commenter Joe Puente isn’t convinced: “No, he doesn´t. Chaffetz only communicates with the people who agree with him and kiss his ass. I´ve asked him to clarify his positions, offer alternative solutions to policies and legislation he doesn´t agree with, and to just answer some simple questions. And I have been met with nothing but silence.”

Arc was pretty sure this had more to do with the fact that Chaffetz simply doesn’t like Puente: “You really should get over Rep. Chaffetz not liking you calling him names. If you write to his office or use his congressional Website, you are going to get heard. If you make some stupid remark on one of his campaign sites, which include his Facebook profile, what do you expect?” (To keep it all in perspective, however, one must bear in mind that Arc likes Gary Herbert as the new Guv. So it’s really no wonder if he’s a Chaffetz lover.)

BlackMamba is less of a fanboy: “You´re probably correct in assuming that if you aren´t on the All Things Chaffetz bandwagon, you are a non-person.”

To be honest, Facebook is so 2007, I can’t quite bring myself to test any of these theories. Rant Control prefers making contact with politicians in the time-honored fashion: by sending angry, psychic thought-waves.