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Checkmating Obama



In response to Tamara Wright’s letter [“Spoiled Children” Sept. 24, City Weekly], I would say: Get a clue. Obama won 52 percent to 48 percent. Do you have any idea how many tens of millions of people 48 percent is? That’s hardly what I’d call “winning by a very large majority.” That 4 percent winning margin also includes all of the dead people that ACORN members were able to sign up for the “messiah.”

Did you pay attention to the situation recently at an elementary school in New Jersey where the kids were repeating praise to Obama? “Barack Hussein Obama ... Barack Hussein Obama ... Barack Hussein Obama” they kept chanting. Well, if this isn’t indoctrinating kids, then I don’t know what is. Can you imagine all of the outrage from left-wing libs if some elementary school had their kids chant “George W. Bush” after going into Iraq in 2003?

Didn’t your magical messiah promise that if we accepted his multibillion-dollar porkulus bailout crap that he shoved down our throats that the unemployment rate wouldn’t go beyond 8 percent? And where is it now, Tamara? Nine point seven percent and rising. Checkmate. And you remember the huge success of the Cash for Clunkers program, don’t you? So why haven’t all of the dealers received their money yet? Checkmate.

Your messiah wanted the job and promised he would fix all the problems created by George W. Bush. Typical libtard promises. Well, he’s the dictator, er, I mean, president now, so he’s responsible for everything that happens.

Sorry, Tamara, but if you’re going to continue to contribute to the problem instead of to the solution, then take a hike to beautiful bankrupt California or to Michigan or to Illinois or to New York. I’ll keep my First and Second Amendment rights, and you can keep all of the change, thank you very much!

Ken Thomas
West Jordan