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Chill Out



How do you keep your cool in the summer months?

James Canterbury: With lots of ice-cold beverages and yummy fresh fruit and veggies.

Victor Serrano: Shorts, sandals, T-shirt, beach and ahhhh yeah, homemade lemonade.

Kolbie Stonehocker: The sun does not shine kindly on fair-skinned souls. I sleep in my coffin in the basement during the day.

Eric Peterson: Sometimes I like to take a day—when it’s nice out—and just stay at home in the dark, out of the sunshine and summer fun. I start drinking in the a.m and continue drinking all day, eat bad food and maybe get caught up on a whole season of a TV show I haven’t seen.

Rachel Scott: With an ice-cold beer and someone to fan me.

Paula Saltas: The mojitos at Gracie’s really, really help.

Rachel Piper: I worship the sun during the day, but at night I need the lights off, the AC blasting, a stand fan and lots and lots of water to counteract my internal heater and inability to fall asleep unless a blanket is covering me.

Scott Renshaw: I spend enough of the other eight months of the year cool. Tough out a little heat, losers.

Dan Nailen: Feeling the breeze as I ride in a golf cart while swilling beer on the weekends, and cranking my ozone-killing, energy-sucking AC 24/7 at home.

Nick Morgan: Otter Pops, or their adult-friendly counterparts, Slaughter Pops.