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Choice Words


Boyd K. Packer, the LDS Church’s president of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, stated at General Conference that homosexuality is a choice that can be overcome.

I can’t believe Packer has the audacity to blatantly contradict scientific study and the massed testimony of millions of LGBT persons. With all the recent news of young LGBT suicides and school bullying, he dares stoke the flames of discrimination and hate? How many more will now be tormented literally to death because of his words?

Why would LGBT youth choose to be tormented at school for being different? Or ostracized by their church? Why would a majority of Salt Lake City’s homeless youth choose to be thrown out of their homes so they can be gay? Why would we choose something that makes life so difficult that many take their own lives to end it? We wouldn’t. It’s not a choice.

Until there is a general authority who can speak from personal experience about the ability to easily change ones sexuality, I think church leaders should refrain from making remarks regarding things they know nothing about. You cannot tell others that it’s a choice if you personally have never had to make it.

Jacob Whipple
Salt Lake City