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Choose Fewer Abortions


Regarding your article “Choice Argument” [March 25, City Weekly], I appreciate the research and information provided about abortion statistics and the recent laws passed by the Utah Legislature. Both sides on the abortion issue seem to agree that abortion is a serious matter that should be avoided whenever possible. I can only hope that efforts to find common ground between pro-choice and pro-life activists can be found to decrease abortions within Utah and nationally.

It makes sense to offer sex education in public schools on a signed permission basis along with family-planning assistance to low-income women to help reduce abortions. Hopefully, the Legislature can thoughtfully embrace these concepts.

It also makes sense to offer an ultrasound before an abortion to aid women who are concerned about the health of the fetus. Scientific breakthroughs have allowed the viability of fetuses outside the womb to occur at earlier and earlier stages of pregnancy. The term “chipping away” should be applied to the number of abortions that occur no matter what side of the issue you might be on.

Paul Heath
Salt Lake City

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