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Circle Lounge

So many party options


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I’m not sure what it is, but there’s something about Saturdays at Circle Lounge (328 S. State) that makes me want to attempt to break the world record for most fist pumps—employing the “Jersey Roll”—in one night. It could be the $4 Red Bull vodkas or the $2 Coors drafts. Either way, when the weekend rolls around, this downtown spot is consistently packed and offers two different ways to get loose. The massive patio features private huka booths and hip-hop video mixing with DJ J-Rock and DJ Jello; back inside, party-goers can fuel up on sushi and cut it up to house and electro music with DJ Mad Mike and Nathan Thrills. With so many party options, you’re bound to leave with a bad case of fist-pump elbow. (Photos by Nicole Jaatoul)


I got milk in my sippy cup:
Patrick Rowley, Alis Mustafic, Marko Dzebo


All smiles when you don’t have to pay a cover:
Kelsey Kahlhamer, Gina Cummins


Luck of the Irish T-shirt:
Steve Alexander, Eliese Vanwagener


The Circle Lounge Trifecta:
Carisa Kelly, Tia Bilic, Renata Cvetkovic

Twitter: @WolfColin


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