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Citizen Revolt: Dec. 27

Hear from a leadership panel on clean air. Burn your sorrows from 2018. Plus, gear up for January's womens' marches in Salt Lake and across the country.



Bad air is everyone's problem and sadly, it's one that the Legislature doesn't seem to take seriously enough. Enter the Native Leadership Panel, made up of Indigenous leaders from the Salt Lake Air Protectors, a nonprofit inspired by the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe's protest of the Dakota Access Pipeline. Following a Native American-led ceremony, activists L.J. Willden, Moroni Benally, Carl Moore, Jacob Crane and James Singer will explore what clean air means to everyone who breathes. Light refreshments will be served, but they ask that you bring your own water containers. Church & State, 370 S. 300 East, 801-901-0459, Thursday, Dec. 27, 6:30-8:30 p.m., free,

With the holidays winding down, it's time to reflect, maybe meditate a little and think about what you're leaving behind at Burning of the Sorrows: A New Year's Eve Ritual. "Our intention is to bring awareness to our tensions—maybe even regrets—that have accumulated like so much waxy buildup during the last year of gorgeous life," the event's Facebook page says. They'll be guiding you through the journaling process, and after all that mental work, you'll take your journal leaves and burn them ceremonially in a bonfire outside the Wasatch Retreat Center. There are so many things we want to burn these days, but this is maybe the safest and most effective way to rid yourself of all that angst. 75 S. 200 East, Monday, Dec. 31, 7:30-9 p.m., $5,

Women's Wave or not, they're still at it, protesting the misogynistic man who became president of the United States. It started in January 2017, when busloads of women from across the country headed to Washington, D.C., to protest during the inauguration. It continued in 2018 and will rev up again with #WomensWave in D.C. in January 2019. If you are planning to participate, it's time to register your bus. This is a great way to organize your protest and be prepared for the onslaught in D.C. Check back in this column for information on local marches. Registration deadline is Tuesday, Jan. 1,