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Citizen Revolt: July 30

Pacific Islander Town Hall, Will the Silent Majority Get Woke?, March for the Voiceless, Privacy With Facial Rec



Pacific Islander Town Hall
While COVID-19 spreads across this DIY state, Pacific Islanders are one of the hardest hit communities. In fact, they have the second highest infection rate in the state—and the highest in the nation. The reasons are complicated: reduced access to healthcare, higher levels of poverty, crowded housing, multigenerational households and underlying health conditions. An upcoming town hall will cover what to do if you or someone you know becomes positive for COVID-19, how to navigate COVID-19 in culturally relevant ways and tips for essential workers as well as safety practices. Featuring Matt Ellsworth, Oreta Mapu Tupola, Rev. Tevita Uesi, and Verona Sagato Mauga, this virutal Pacific Islander Community Town Hall will be held Friday, July 31, 7-8 p.m., free. Zoom:, Facebook Live:

Will the Silent Majority Get Woke?
In a nation so divided and facing violence in reaction, the Civilized Awakening Rally offers a message of hope and unity. The rally will address awakening the silent majority, stirring minds to a new narrative, nationwide violence and civil unrest as well as cancel culture and its effects. "Let's stand together and unify all citizens. We each have a voice but, more importantly, the ability to create a brighter future here and now for all individuals!" organizers say. James Sullivan, brother of John who leads Insurgence, will also be joining. Utah Capitol south steps, 350 N. State, Saturday, Aug. 1, 5:30– 7:30 p.m., free.

March for the Voiceless
The issue of child sex abuse and human trafficking remains with us even during a pandemic. This "Be a Voice for the Voiceless" march will shine a light on the problem and collect donations for trauma victims and the fight against human trafficking. Wear blue and bring posters, but T-shirts, masks and other merchandise will be for sale. Since stay-at-home orders were issued, the National Sexual Assault Hotline has seen more than half its calls from children under the age of 18. Both in-person and online offenses have increased dramatically. Corner of 500 North and Columbus Street, Thursday, July 30, meet at 5:30 p.m.; march at 6 p.m., free.

Privacy With Facial Rec
Hear what the lawyers think about facial recognition and the future of privacy at SLCUU Summer Forum: "Facial Recognition and Privacy." This new technology can be used for general surveillance without your knowledge. "The biggest danger is that this technology will be used for general, suspicion-less surveillance systems," the ACLU warns. Join attorney Randy Dryer of the U of U Honors Program to learn what you can and can't do in this environment. Zoom, Sunday, Aug. 2, 10-11:30 a.m., free. Register at