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Citizen Revolt: June 18

Can't Breathe Protest, Bust the Inland Port Plan, Ethics in Crisis Management



Can't Breathe Protest
March with protesters from Washington Square to the Capitol and then to the Salt Lake City Police Department where there will be a moment of silence for the nation. Once back at Washington Square, the Juneteeth Utah-Block Party/Protest will highlight the plight of black LGBTQ+ people. While Juneteeth commemorates the emancipation in the United States, you will note that the president is holding a tone-deaf rally in Tulsa, known for one of the most horrific attacks on the black community. "We will be there to protest injustice and celebrate our people. Our spirits may be hurt, but they will never be stolen. Let's come together, make our voices heard, and build a community!" protest organizers say. The event recognizes the ongoing threat of COVID-19 and encourage masks, hand sanitizer and social distancing. Washington Square Park, 451 S. State, Friday, June 19, 1:30 p.m.; Block Party, 4-8 p.m., free.

Bust the Inland Port Plan
Most of us get it: The Inland Port business plan is "deeply flawed and openly acknowledges that the proposed giant warehouse and freight transfer facility will damage our air, water, wildlife habitat and communities, but offers no legitimate remedies," say organizers from Stop the Polluting Port. "The technology just doesn't exist yet for a port to be emissions free, no matter how many words they use like 'advanced new technologies.'" Now the public has a chance to submit comments about the plan, for which consultants were paid $850,000. Despite the use of mollifying words like "sustainable" and "renewable," the plan offers little in the way of specifics. Inland Port Business Plan Open for Comment has a deadline of Monday, June 22. You must scroll to the end of the page to find the comment form.

Ethics in Crisis Management
The pandemic and now the growing nationwide protests are straining businesses, from huge corporations to small mom-and-pop stores. James Lukaszewsk, known as America's Crisis Guru, will take you through all the ridiculous and dangerous excuses you get from management, ultimately resulting in unethical behavior. You'll hear about the psychology behind unethical leadership behavior and decisions and how to behave and communicate ethically, successfully and intentionally. Discussion topics include "How unconscionable behavior can lead to unethical behavior," and "How unethical behavior begins: to detect, deter, expose and prevent it." When it's obvious that not even the president of the United States understands the true effect of his unethical actions, it's more important than ever to learn Ethical and Unethical Crisis Management from the ground up. Register online, Wednesday, June 24, 12-1 p.m., free.