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Citizen Revolt: May 3

Join in solidarity with migrant and undocumented mothers in Salt Lake; learn about threats to the Great Salt Lake and get registered to vote.



Migrant Moms Dinner
This community dinner kicks off a week of action in solidarity with all the migrant and undocumented mothers in Salt Lake. "We believe that our mothers are central to the way that we survive, and that separating a family is an inhumane and unjust act. Our mothers sustain us, feed us and nourish us," say organizers of A Mother's Day for Migrant Mothers: Community Dinner Kickoff. On Jan. 30, the First Unitarian Church took in Vicky Chavez and her two daughters to shelter them from deportation. As an added protection measure, attendees must have a community or organizational friend to vouch for them. This is the beginning of an effort to help these families win their cases. First Unitarian Church of Salt Lake City, 569 S. 1300 East, 801-582-8687, Sunday, May 6, 6-9 p.m., free/$10 donation, tickets required,

Great Salt Lake Forum
If you don't care for the lake, who will? Apparently, it won't be the state, which has managed to site a new prison and now an Inland Port near the fragile ecosystem that defines Utah and the West. Find out about the wetlands and our water quality goals at the 2018 Great Salt Lake Issues Forum. There will be discussions about migratory birds, water and politics, the Bear River Compact, and "Strategies to Maintain or Increase the Lake's Elevation" in homage to former Gov. Norm Bangerter's ill-fated lake pumps. There is so much to know and learn about the Great Salt Lake—one of the wonders of the world whose future is at risk from unwise decision-making and greed. Register now. Fort Douglas Officers Club, 150 S. Fort Douglas Blvd., 801-587-1005, Wednesday, May 9-Friday, May 11, $75-$110,

Voter Registration Training
It's hard to believe that any eligible citizen is not yet registered to vote—especially since the 2016 election. Still, there are many of you who, for whatever reason, think their vote is worthless. It's not. Many elections are won by a few votes, or very small percentages. And yes, voting is not only a privilege, but a civic responsibility. That said, join Salt Lake Indivisible in Voter Registration Training, the first step to reclaiming our democracy in the November midterm elections. Salt Lake City Marmalade Library, Conference Room, 280 W. 500 North, 1-855-725-VOTE ext. 505, Saturday, May 12, 12:30-2 p.m., free,

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