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Citizen Revolt: Nov. 1

Learn the facts and startling stories behind human trafficking. Register to vote! And join a discussion about terrorism, its roots and the role of Islam.



When you live in a monolithic and largely naïve state like Utah, it's hard to understand the reach of human trafficking. But fun fact: Nationwide, 87 percent of the population believes human trafficking is a problem, but only 23 percent believe it happens in their own communities.In 2013, Utah was considered one of the worst states in the fight against human trafficking. In Migrant Crossings: Witnessing Human Trafficking in the U.S., you learn the startling facts and hear stories from Annie Fukushima, an assistant professor at the University of Utah's Division of Ethnic Studies, School for Cultural & Social Transformation. Gardner Commons—Hinckley Institute of Politics, 260 S. Central Campus Drive, Ste. 2018, Monday, Nov. 5, noon-1 p.m., free,

Vote! The Utah Will Vote Rally is not only about reminding you to vote, but getting you hyped to do it. The rally is brought to you by the kids who intend to make a difference—March For Our Lives Utah. Millennials have been more motivated to vote since 2016, but still some 42 percent of all eligible voters didn't go to the polls. And here's a shocker: 300,000 Utahns are eligible to vote but haven't registered. Do you think your vote doesn't matter? Think again and join people of all ages who will make a difference. State Capitol, 350 N. State, Monday, Nov. 5, 6 p.m., free,

What better time to talk about terrorism than now when the president of the United States proclaims that they are mixed into the thousands of emigrants headed to the U.S. border? Be afraid, be very afraid. That's the message getting out, but the truth is more complicated. At Islam & Terrorism: Let's Talk About It, discussions focus on terrorism, its roots and the role of Islam. Host group the Emerald Project seeks to dispel common misrepresentations and to hear your comments and questions. University of Utah David S. Eccles School of Business, 1655 E. Campus Center Drive, Spencer Fox Business Building, Room 1110, Monday, Nov. 5, 6-9 p.m., free,

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