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Citizen Revolt: October 15

Women's March—Again, Gender Gap Rally, COVID and the Economy, Walk Against Domestic Violence



Women's March—Again
In early 2017, women marched around the country and in Washington, D.C., to protest predator Donald Trump's presidential win. Now as the next election looms, women will take to the streets again to highlight their continuing status as second-class citizens. It's estimated that between 3 million and 5 million people participated in the 2017 marches. The question is, how do they feel now? Sexism is not the only problem they face under the Trump regime. Racial injustice is just one more to be added to the list. Join the nation at the SLC UT Women's March and head to the Capitol. Salt Lake City County Building, 451 S. State, Saturday, Oct. 17, 2 p.m., free.

Gender Gap Rally
Dubbed the Year of the Woman, 1992 marked the time the number of female senators tripled. Sadly, that equated to six women in the Senate, but still, something to celebrate back then. The Brookings Institute calls 2020 the Year of the Woman Voter because of the likelihood of "gender realignment" fueled by Trump's misogynistic behavior. At Vote Equality: Minding the Gaps for Utah Women, you will hear keynote speaker Jeanetta Williams of the NAACP describe existing barriers to voting and the need to press for equity under the law. You will hear others address inclusive feminism, and most importantly, why the Equal Rights Amendment is more critical now than ever. Utah Capitol steps, 350 N. State, Friday, Oct. 16, 12-1:30 p.m., free/masks required.

COVID and the Economy
The novelty of staying at home is wearing thin, and Utahns worry not only about their health but the economy—their jobs, income and futures. "Nearly every facet of Utahns' economic life, like that of others around the globe, has been upended and altered by the COVID-19 pandemic," say organizers of Informed Decisions 2020: COVID-19 and the Utah Economy. Voters and candidates need the facts to make good choices in this unusual election year. Virtual, Wednesday, Oct. 21, 12-1 p.m., free.

Walk Against Domestic Violence
Since the pandemic hit, cases of domestic violence have skyrocketed because home is not always the safest place to be. Experts say the virus created a "pressure cooker" for couples in quarantine. The added stress of children and lost income make life more challenging. "We will walk and plant flags at Station Park representing each survivor of domestic violence in the past year," say organizers of Take a Stand Against Domestic Violence Walk. Meet in front of Habit Burger, 260 N. W. Union Ave., Farmington, Saturday, Oct. 17, 8 a.m., free.