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Citizen Revolt: Week of September 16

Fires 'R' Us, Why Fight?, There Goes Roe V. Wade



Fires 'R' Us
You may remember someone telling California that they should just sweep up their forests and—voila!—there would be no forest fires. While there is some worth to cleaning out dead debris, sweeping up is hardly the answer. Learn about the role of climate change, the causes and social-ecological consequences of increased wildfire in the Western United States at Wildfire in the Western U.S.: Causes, Consequences and Adaptation. The discussion, hosted by the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies, will focus on the predicted fate of future forests and ways that at-risk communities can adapt. "Large fires are becoming more frequent and severe across the Western U.S. Since 1984, annual burned forest area has increased by about 1,100%. Lives, property and livelihoods are routinely threatened, and burned landscapes can be left ecologically transformed," organizers say. Panelists include forest and fire ecologists as well as a natural resource sociologist. Virtual/register, Thursday, Sept. 16, 5 p.m., free.

Why Fight?
Think about Afghanistan and how long the United States has fought there with no good outcome. "For what purposes should the United States be prepared to fight, and how should U.S. forces be readied to fight such wars? As the Biden administration prepares the next National Defense Strategy, these are vitally important questions." Those are the questions that former Pentagon Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Elbridge "Bridge" Colby will attempt to answer at The Best Defense Strategy for America? Elbridge Colby on The Strategy of Denial. In his new book, The Strategy of Denial: American Defense in an Age of Great Power Conflict, Colby talks about China and how to frame a strategy around its rising influence. He'll discuss the value and limitations of alliances, too. Virtual, Friday, Sept. 17, 11 a.m., free.

There Goes Roe V. Wade
Women will be protesting around the country in a few weeks over the Supreme Court's unwillingness to address the constitutional issue of abortion rights. But for now, you can join people across the nation in lobbying your Congress members to support two key pieces of legislation: the Women's Health Protection Act (S. 1975/H.R. 3755) would protect a person's right to decide what is best for their body during pregnancy and protect health-care providers who perform abortions; the EACH Act (S. 1021/H.R. 2234) requires health-care insurance providers to provide coverage for abortion services and requires federal facilities to provide access to these services. "Activists from across the nation, aged 14-25, of all levels of political experience are encouraged to join us," say organizers of Rally for Roe Lobby Week. While it is too late to sign up for training sessions, you can still lobby. You can find contacts to call or email your representatives at On your own, Wednesday, Sept. 22, free.