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Citrus Grill, Fat Tire, Thai Lotus



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City Weekly reader David Ailion writes: I am predominantly (but not exclusively) a carnivore, and my wife is a quasi-vegetarian (i.e., she’ll eat meat, but never in big hunks—preferably when mixed with a healthy supply of fresh vegetables). So, when we eat out, we have to find an eatery that can accommodate varied tastes. Such a place is the Citris Grill (2991 E. 3300 South, 801-466-1202,, which has a variety of very nice meals that can simultaneously satisfy our demanding requirements. Their sandwiches are excellent. I particularly like the turkey melt, and my wife’s favorite is the Southwest chicken wrap. Their pork spare ribs are also excellent. A very nice feature of Citris Grill is that they offer half-size portions for half the price (many restaurants offer half-size portions but with only a modest reduction in price, never at half the price). Also, we love their chocolate cake; it is quite moist and its frosting is real butter cream and is accompanied by a healthy (or, should I say, unhealthy) portion of high-quality ice cream.

City Weekly staffers:
Ben Rosch
says: I just received a 12-pack of one of my favorite beers from the New Belgium Brewery called Fat Tire. Most of you have already tried this little bit of heaven in a bottle, but now you can savor it in a handy 12-ounce can. The cans are perfect for the boat, camping, or just relaxing in your apartment/house.

Jamie Gadette writes: My favorite Thai place, Chanon Thai Café (278 E. 900 South, 801-532-1177), is closed on Saturdays, so I recently gave Thai Lotus (212 E. 500 South, 801-328-4401, a try and discovered an amazing dish: Steamed Sea Bass and Ginger. The fish was cooked to perfection and paired with thick chunks of fresh ginger. It was simultaneously sweet, spicy and savory! I’ll definitely be returning for seconds.

For Andrea Moore, size matters: I’m just going to ask: What is the deal with zucchini? My zucchini squash practically grows overnight. So, what was barely a zucchini one night will be a gigantic rocket-launcher-size zucchini the very next day. I feel a bit embarrassed when I bring them into work to give away because they are really, really big. But, what can I say? I know how to grow a big zucchini!