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City Guide 2008 | Get Oriented: Know Your Numbers

Ignorance of city ordinances is no defense.


0 The number of convicted murderers allowed to be buried in city cemeteries under city code (Salt Lake City ordinance 15.24.320)

1 The number of days per year reindeer are allowed to fly lower than permitted under FAA regulations in Salt Lake City airspace (16.16.180B)

1.75 Limit in inches of the diameter of the city seal (1.08.010)

65 Age at which one can review one’s personal criminal history, get fingerprinted, get an ID, or file a theft report for free at the Salt Lake City Police Department

90 Number of days after which you can claim lost property you found and turned in to the city

635 Annual cost in dollars for an explosives permit for blasting (2.12.040J)

6 Number of months the director of the Salt Lake Valley Board of Health may function in his or her position before obtaining a medical license (2.18.030B)

37 Number of times the word “obscene” is used in city code

2 Number of times the word “buggery” occurs in city code

2 Number of times the phrase “nunchaku stick” occurs in city code

5 Number of city council members required to approve a legislative branch subpoena, compelling the testimony of anyone in the state (2.59.030)

0 Number of strikes city employees are allowed to engage in, threaten to engage in, encourage, or plan (2.52.170)

3 Minimum for the number of persons whose conduct can be considered a riot under city code (11.12.010 (A)(1))

5 Maximum number of minutes you have to remove a personal tent from a public park after being directed to do so by a police officer

0 Number of roulette wheels one can possess in Salt Lake City, regardless of whether or not one makes bets with them (11.28.060)

3 Minimum number of people to constitute a “party, gathering, or event” under city code (11.14.010 (A))

18 Age you must be to walk in public places of the city from 1 a.m. to 5 a.m. (11.44.070(B))

14 Age you must be to buy a gun in Salt Lake City (11.48.020)

.05 Minimum percentage of alcohol content (by weight) of a fermented beverage classified as “beer” (6.04.030)

1 The number of days an everyday resident may take care of a stray animal in his or her home without violating the law (8.04.110)

2 Number of dogs, cats, and/or rabbits you may keep at your home in Salt Lake City (8.04.120)

25 Amount in dollars you pay Animal Control to remove a dead dog from your home (8.04.050B)

0 Number of times you may lawfully “expectorate or spit” on a sidewalk or crosswalk in Salt Lake City (11.36.150)

Patrick Thronson was communications director for former Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson.