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City Guide 2009 | Gay BCs of Utah

Spelling out the vibrant SLC gay community.


A is for Amendment 3, passed in Utah in 2004, to define marriage in Utah as the legal union between a man and a woman and to remind the gay community in Salt Lake City that we’re still a pretty heavy church-state environment. 

B is for Babs De Lay, queen of local Vagina Monologues productions, real-estate mogul, radio host and force of one who’s accomplished terrific things for this community. B is also for Saturday night at Babylon (404 S. West Temple) … gotta love it.

C is for Christine Johnson, a Democratic state representative for the 25th District. She is all things good and supportive. C is also for her polar opposite: West Jordan state Sen. Chris Buttars who has nothing ‘buttar’ to do than be all things bad and disruptive to our community. Let’s also throw in our fave community novelty store here as well: Cahoots Cards & Gifts (878 E. 900 South)

D is for the annual SLC Dyke March, sponsored by lesbian social group sWerve (, as part of the Pride Festival in June.

E is for Elevated, what life is about in Utah (says so on our license plates), including elevated stats—like three times the national average for prescription drug abuse (and that’s just Utah County). Also for Equality Utah ( led by Mike Thompson!

F is for Utah Pride Festival (coming up June 6-7, 2009, at Washington Square—terrific queer folk, good fun, good food—all things fab! And did I mention the parade!? Hmmm … I think I did this once. (

G is for GLBT, a reminder that the “gay community” is as much about lesbian, bisexual and transgender issues and interests, too. And the Gay-Straight Alliance, school clubs that give state lawmakers fodder for new crusades each year.

H is for Home Improvement, and not the re-runs. The latest and the greatest in “gay-borhoods”? Check out Rose Park. Oh, and the good work of the Human Rights Campaign (fund-raising dinner & silent auction June 20, 2009, comes to mind.

I is for Idaho, Utah’s neighbor to the north, and home of Sen. Larry Craig and his tapping toes. What was he thinking? Closet madness, I tell you.

J is for hardworking state Rep. Jackie Biskupski, D-Salt Lake City. It’s also for Justification. How many local gay men in hetero marriage alone continue to justify a double lifestyle? Talk about having their cake and eating it, too!

K is for KY Jelly, a close second for when Cahoots is closed—but our favorite lube is Neutrogena’s Light Sesame Oil. TMI?

L is for full Liquor License, and the hopes that one comes soon for the latest and the greatest in gay bars: Jam in the Marmalade (751 N. 300 West).

M is for Michael Aaron, and his tireless journalistic efforts and contributions to this community! Check out QSaltLake; it’s all there. It also stands for the city’s Mutual Commitment Registry. Yep, there really is one, guys and gals, and only a few have taken advantage (

N is for Ninth & Ninth. It’s quaint, it’s charming. it’s our own little West Hollywood. All it needs is a good bar.

O is for Out Loud & Proud … there’s quite a few of us here, but more could stand up and be counted. It’s also for Orem, where Bruce Bastian founded WordPerfect before coming Out and later establishing the philanthropic B.W. Bastian Foundation.

P is for the Utah Pride Center ( which enjoys Val Larabee as its fearless leader. Good on ya, UPC. Speaking of Val and her pals, you just may find them at Paper Moon (3737 S. State).

Q is for QVinum, for our community’s local wine enthusiasts, offering evenings with friends, food and, of course, wine (see Or what about Queer Utah Aquatic Club ( Apart from being one of the most social queer organizations, they give a visual definition to “men in tights.”

R is for ROSIE: here’s a new one for ya: Righteously Open-minded Sisters/supporters Inclusive of Everyone based in Cache Valley/USU. Who knew? You go, girls!

S is for Sen. Scott McCoy, D-Salt Lake City, a voice of reason on the Hill. And for a Friday night at Club Sound (579 W. 200 South), where queer 18 youth can join in on the fun ... good tunes for all.

T is for good things coming in threes: Try-Angles (251 W. 900 South), Trapp Door (615 W. 100 South) and The Trapp (102 S. 600 West). And also for a fave gay-friendly eatery: Trio Café (680 S. 900 East)

U is for the fine congregations of Unitarian Universalist churches, openly affirming to the gay community, at 569 S. 1300 East and 6876 Highland Dr.

V is for love, Valor, compassion … not the stage play or movie. Qualities that everyone, including the GLBT community, wants.

W is for Wendover, and the Fabulous Fun Bus! Bus, laughs, meal and a buzz, all for about $20. (

X is for X-rated … lacking! Where is free agency? Utah still has a ways to go. I guess we have to rely on GayVideoBox at home!

Y is for GLBT Youth … count them in with TINT (Tolerant Intelligent Network of Teens), a youth activity organization sponsored by the Pride Center … they have their own youth center, too. The Queer Prom (fantastic fun for teens 14-20), is held in late April (

Z is for Zion Curtain, referring to the insidious influence of the LDS Church in the politics of the West, most recently felt in the church’s role in helping pass California’s antigay marriage Proposition 8.

Terry Mitchell Nani relocated to Utah five years ago from California. Father of five grown kids, Nani possesses a diverse resume and resides with partner, Steve, and horses on an acre in West Bountiful.