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  • Enrique Limón

The Last Word w/ Mitt Romney
By Enrique Limón

When not writing and passing laws, approving presidential appointments or lighting up the internet with his unique candle-blowing technique, Utah's newly minted junior senator enjoys taking in everything our fine state has to offer. In a candid chat, Romney provided us with binders full of answers, recalling national park visits and epic skiing adventures along the way. Billionaires ... they're just like us!

1. FAVORITE UTAH MEMORY? "Probably going through The Narrows at Zion National Park ... absolutely fabulous. I went with my grandkids. That's probably not as high-ranking as getting married here with my wife—that should be my favorite Utah Memory."

2. FAVORITE LOCAL DESTINATION? "Let's see, J. Dawgs for hot dogs, Stacked—which is in Logan—for pancakes and that'll do me for now."

3. FAVORITE OUTDOOR ACTIVITY? "Snow skiing." YOU'RE GOOD AT THAT, HUH? "I'm OK at that, but I do love it."

4. FAVORITE LOCAL MEAL? "There's a place called Freshies, which is in Park City and now Salt Lake. That's probably my favorite."

5. ARE THEIR ROLLS MASSACHUSETTS APPROVED? "You know, it won the national contest for the best lobster roll in the country—it's very good."

6. FRY SAUCE: YEA OR NAY? "Oh, yea. And it's fry sauce. Don't name it anything else."