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City Weekly Best of Utah: The Sequel



You get one pick—name your Best of Utah anything.

Larry Carter: Best speedy workout: Quick Gym.

Paula Saltas: Friendliest servers where they all your name: Sharon’s Cafe.

Scott Renshaw:
Oh, no you don’t. Every bit of ammunition I’ve got has been fired off in these pages already.

Kolbie Stonehocker: Best Place to Buy a Halloween Costume: Pib’s Exchange. Not only do they have a huge selection of adult costume kits, but they also have makeup, wigs, shoes, and everything else you could possibly need to take your costume from look-what-I-threw-together to wicked.

Susan Kruithof: Best graphic-design crew—and I’ve had a few.  But this one is extra special.  I love you guys, you make work a joy every day. Thank you Nick, Derek, Rachel, Patches and Rachel P. for an outstanding BOU job.  Truly a prodigious feat.

Derek Carlisle: KRCL, the best thing to happen to radio since Nikola Tesla!

Nick Clark: Best Escape From Draper: Donkey Tails Cantina.

Eleni Saltas: Caffe Niche has the best fresh spring rolls.

Wally Greenwell: Best Breakfast: Johnny Kolaches’ belly buster, replacing the closed, but forever best, roundhouse at George’s.

John Paul Brophy: Best Reason to Live in Utah: Being able to view spectacular mountains even in the middle of a traffic jam.

Jeff Reese: Best place to get stuffed while feeling like you are in a log cabin: Black Bear Café. Their portions are huge, and it’s the best diner type food I have had in a long time.

Rachel Piper: Love from Li’l to the Best Bookstore Staff: Barnes & Noble Gateway crews of past and present, the coolest book nerds in the state.

Jerre Wroble: Cindy Lee Cafe at 264 S. Main makes the best wonton Vietnamese malony noodle soup. Easy and casual Asian food, just the way City Weekly staffers like it.

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