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Best of Utah

City Weekly celebrates 20 years of Best of Utah



Over the past 20 years we’ve had you vote for your favorites in various categories and we’ve highlighted some of our own.

In honor of our 20-year anniversary we want you to share your 20 Best of Utah spots, anything from your favorite restaurant, where you go to grab a drink, to your neighborhood mailman!

Hope Woodside, Fox 13 News
1. Obvious the first thing I love about Utah is slc weekly readers and staff.
Readers for keeping this town hip - and to the staff for being brave and asking the tough questions of city leaders and politicians when the people are too afraid or don't know how. If that's sucking up - I'm guilty but it's true!
2. I love my job - I'm lucky to do what I love to do with a great crew.
3. The mountains and the skiing brought be here.
3a. The mountains again - it's because of them that I met my husband .. he was here with his Dad on a ski trip.
4. the friends i've made here - including neighbors - fellow skiiers and music and wine lovers.
5. the hiking and river rafting.
6. when I arrived here I was single and the dating for women well let's just say the odds were good -  there were about nine guys to one gal - so the dating scene before marriage.
7.. the live music - concerts and clubs had great live music.
8. the ballet - great dance.
9. I took a trip into what I call wo wo land. The holistic attitude of many here healed what needed healing - I embraced utah's wo wo.. get your stuff together community... love it! So the woo wooo community.
10. many people who work late night hours made life fun after work - that included police officers, late night restaurant workers, cabbies and medical staffers. who else is still up when I am?
11. I met a lot of great friends working for non profits - they helped me give back.
12. the proximity to other fabulous places like vegas to let your hair down undetected..or go explore other utah national parks or the country's amazing sights.
13. a great selection of restaurants! you can really eat some great sushi - italian - fresh seafood etc.
14. shopping .. you never have to park far .. people are always so kind and willing to help.
15. grocery shopping - I like the poeple at my local grocers in Utah .. I used to do it after hours and more late night workers like me would chat!
16. also every pharmacy employee has been teriffic .. informative, helpful and really fun! I realize that sounds strange.. but some of these people are friends now.
17. Speaking of pharmacies... the folks at Huntsman for all their attention to detail when you have to smash your chest.. and their kindness.
18. Doctor's like Karen Zimpolich .. she's not only a great surgeon .. but is someone who steps into the spotlight to educate the public about women's health.
19. Sundance - love the scene - the stars, the hype and the right to complain about it when you've had enough.
20. Sitting outside and looking up at all the stars at night!

Kerry Jackson, X96's Radio From Hell
1. Best Pharmacy:  Smiths up on 3215 Valley Street.  Sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name. I’m Like Norm up there.
2. Best Dog Groomer:  Tonya Worthington at Classy Clips.  I had to move from Draper to Hollady just to be closer to her. My dog, Artie, gave me no choice.  
3. Best Lamb Shank:  Lugano.  Greg Neville has been overlooked by City Weekly readers for too long.  He must be avenged.
4. Best Disc Golf Courses:  Full Day: Solitude.  That 18th hole makes you feel like a superhero. Short Play:  Creekside Park:  Free. Challenging.  Just watch out for the dog poo.
5. Best Sound:  Ice and vodka crashing against a metal cocktail shaker in any place with a full bar.  Not a Utah original…but it just sounds BETTER here at home.

Richie Steadman, X96's Radio From Hell
1. Best Ward to Meet Single Ladies- The ladies of the Highland Springs ward are established and able to take care of those who failed to launch.
2. Best Place for a first date- If it’s a bad date you can have lunch and be out the door of the “Soup Kitchen” in sugarhouse in under 30 minutes and $10.
3. Best Make out spot- Anywhere you can get it
4. Best New Hymn – This award has yet to be awarded
5. Best Producer of a Radio Show – Elaine Clark of Radio West….(She had better return the favor)

Gina Barberi, X96's Radio From Hell
1. Best Place to nap in your car: Fairmont Park parking lot behind 24hr Fitness.  Nice shady area,  no one bothers you as long as you remember to hang your "No Solicitors" sign on your windsheild.
2. Best Place to eat in your car: Hires Drive in.  You order from your car.  They bring it to your car.  You eat it in your car.  Brilliant!
3. Best place to shop in your car: Zig's Minimart in Sugarhouse.  I usually stop there for a Diet Coke and a Reese's before I head to Fairmont park for a nap.
4. Best Place to park your car: Valet parking at the Gateway.  I hate navigating the parking structure at the Gateway and this helps me avoid all of that nastiness.
5. Best Place to Clean your car: Star Wash on 300 west .  Very green friendly and great vacuums to help remove all of the french fry crumbs from between my seats.

Bill Allred, X96's Radio From Hell
1. Best sunflower seeds Zotes   I am particularly enamoured of Dill Pickle; Salt and Pepper; Blue Cheese; and Spicy Nacho.
2. Best medium priced bourbon:  Wild Turkey 101.  It's my go to for drinkin' pleasure.
3. Best place to work off my tension:  On my Serotta bicycle on the roads of Salt Lake City or in the shower right before work.
4. Best fries:  Mazza or Vertical Diner.
5. Best laugher:  Gina Barberi.  She'll laugh at my jokes whether they're funny or not.  And she has the unique ability to laugh heartily at herself when she is the butt of the joke...which is most of the time.

Mayor Ralph Becker
1. Best hike within walking distance to downtown Salt Lake City. City Creek Canyon
2. Favorite restaurant – Red Iguana
3. Favorite picnic spot – Rotary Park, City Creek
4. Favorite biking trail – Bonneville Shoreline Trail
5. Favorite reason to “Turn You Key and Be Idle Free” – energy efficiency, cleaner air
6. Favorite skiing spot- powder in the Wasatch Mountains
7. Favorite bookstore – Sam Weller’s
8. Favorite thing about being Mayor – helping Salt Lake City reach new levels of greatness
9. Favorite place to get your bike tuned up – Wasatch Touring

Tamara Gibo, owner of Takashi
1. Best place to celebrate Takashi’s birthday: Well, it is a long weekend, so we start at Salt Lake International Airport. We can get anywhere in no time.
2. Best place to celebrate Tamara’s birthday: Utah Arts Festival.
3. Best place to celebrate our wedding anniversary: Table 40 at Takashi.
4. Best place for drinks with Randall Carlisle and Chris Vanocur: City Weekly’s
“Best Of” party.
5. Best place to get a drink without having to order food or buy a membership: Any of our private clubs. (Do we still call them that)? Thank you, legislature and Governor Huntsman!
6. Best excuse for both of us to take the night off: Salt Lake Magazine Dining Awards.
7. Best place for seriously fun business networking: Q Salt Lake’s Fabby Awards. (Hint, hint).
8. Best romantic, rustic, and delicious road trip: Boulder Mountain, UT. Hello Blake!
9. Best sign of spring in the Wasatch Front: Wild morels! Watch out!
10. Best fishing spot for beginners: Mirror Lake.
11. Best fly fishing for very agile guys with little time off: Millcreek Canyon.
12. Best weekend adventure with kids and dogs: Digging for trilobites in Delta, UT.
13. Best place to get your open water scuba certification: Save your vacation days for great dives. Get certified before you go at the Crater in Midway, UT. It’s hot!
14. Best late summer day trip: The porcini and chanterelle hunt somewhere in the high elevations.
15. Best “trail mix:” Crusty baguettes, roasted peppers, and smoked trout from Kamas’s Samak Smoke House.
16. Best winter mycological activity: Truffle hunting at Caputos.
17. Best winter thrill: Snow Basin, Olympic Tram.
18. Best way to curb hunger: Any donation to the Utah Food Bank.
19. Best reason to “Buy Local First:” Selection, selection, selection.
20. Best reason to have a restaurant in Utah: Where else would we find such amazing staff and fun guests?

Marguerite Henderson, cooking author/teacher
1. Best Vietnamese - East-West
2. Best Bread - Vosen's
3. Best Elected Official - Gov. Huntsman
4. Least - Chris Buttars
5. Best Sweet Bakery - Les Madeleines
6. Best Reason to Shop in Murray - The New Nordstrom
7. Best Neighborhood Coffee House - 15th and 15th Starbucks
8. Best Pizza - Settobello in Salt Lake, Maxwell's in Park City
9. Best Middle Eastern - Mazza
10. Best Market to Buy Spices and Fresh Vegetables - Southeast Market on 9th South
11. Best Mexican - Rico's
12. Best Garden Shop - Cactus and Tropicals
13. Best Chinese - Hong Kong Tea House
14. Best Place to Shop for Groceries and Reason to go South of 21st South - Harmon's on Bangeter
15. Best Cooking Classes - Marguerite Henderson (Had to put me in there!)

Utah Sen. Scott McCoy
1. Best Political Issue: Common Ground Initiative
2. Best Advocacy Group: Equality Utah
3. Best Political Happening: President Barack Obama
4. Best Breakfast: Park Café
5. Best Coffee Shop: Coffee Garden
6. Best Sanctuary: Oasis Café/Golden Braid Bookstore
7. Best TV News Station: ABC 4
8. Best TV News Reporter: Rich Piatt
9. Best Music Radio Station: Cirius-XM – BPM
10. Best Radio Show: Radio from Hell on X96
11. Best News Radio: KPCW
12. Best Newspaper Columnist: Rebecca Walsh
13. Best Sweet Treat: Hatch Family Chocolates
14. Best After Work Beer: The Bayou
15. Best Gay Bar without a Liquor License: JAM
16. Best In-Town Escape from the World: SL Film Society/Broadway Theatre
17. Best Pizza: The Pie
18. Best Husband: Mark Barr
19. Best Mexican Restaurant: Red Iguana
20. Best Local Hang out: Briangles
21. Best Local Law Firm: Howrey LLP
22. Best (“Ah it doesn’t feel like we’re in Utah”) Restaurant: Em’s Restaurant
23. Best Yoga: Flow Yoga

Chris Vanocur, ABC 4
1. The State Capitol
2. City Creek Park and Memory Grove
3. Seeing the mountains when I fly back to Utah. Gets me every time.
4. Saturday's Voyeur
5. Champagne Party
6. KUER on Saturday 10am to 2 pm
7. Early morning coffee with my Mob friends
8. Gallery Stroll
9. The cookies from Parsons Bakery in Bountiful!
10. Farmers Market
11. My top secret sources
12. Those that feed me (because I can't cook): Blue Plate Diner, Caffe Niche, Cannella's,Caputo's, Carlucci's, Granato's,Greek Souvlaki,Hong Kong Tea House,Koko Kitchen, Mini's, Pagoda, Red Iguana, Sage Market,Sawadee and Takashi.
13. Favorite Do-Gooders: Pamela Atkinson, Rev. France Davis and Dr. Theresa Martinez
14. Mr. Mac
15. The way older Utah couples still hold hands. Love that.
16. Fellow media troublemakers: Pat Bagley, Radio from Hell, Salt Lake City Weekly (especially "The Ocho”).
17. Sgt. Jill Stevens
18. Utah Arts Festival
19. Summer walks on 11th Avenue
20. Frank Layden

Tom Barberi
1. Best hamburger is not a hamburger but the Cotton Bottom's Garlic Burger. Pure heaven
2.Best restaurant would have to be Market Street Oyster Bar. Their salmon blackened is the best and you have to have their stuffed mushrooms. To die for.
Notice a trend here, food!
3. Best streets in Salt Lake City.........5th and 6th South. The only one way streets in the city and they move fast. Why doesn't the city make more streets one way?
4. Best Deli and place to see anybody who is anybody, Granato's on Redwood Rd. They also have the best hard roll sandwich's. I go for the hard salami and Parma.
5. Best tire and service shop.....Hillside Tire on Ft. Union Blvd.
6. Best movie I have seen. The Wrestler. Not that it is any classic but Mickey Rourke was great and I could identify with his character to the point of tears.
7. Best book I've read this year......come to think of it, it is the only book I have read this year. Dewey. If it doesn't touch your heart then you don't have one.
8. Best legislation ever passed in Utah........getting rid of private clubs and the Zion curtain. I don't care if these bozo's had to go up to the ivory tower and kiss Moroni's horn for the blessing to pass it, it was worth it. My dream of "Legalizing Adulthood in Utah" has come true.
9. Best example that idiots can succeed........Chris Butters. He is a stain on the state of Utah and has managed to embarrass all of us.
10. Best example of false advertising........Steve Creamer gushing how Energy Solutions is saving the world with gauzy scenes of green meadows, children in school and playing, science labs curing all disease's all by being a gigantic dump that glows in the dark. They even claimed that you could grow your veggies in their dirt. Great if you want glowing tomato's.

Jerry Rapier | Plan-B Theater
1. Kirt Bateman - my partner of 13 years, one hell of an actor and the fantastic Executive Director of the Davis Arts Council
2. Melissa Rasmussen - my dearest friend for nearly 15 years
3. Luana Chilelli - a ray of light in my life
4. All the peeps I've worked with at Plan-B since 2000, especially Cheryl Ann Cluff
5. Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center - I pretty much live there
6. Equality Utah - fighting the good fight for us GLBT folks in Utah
7. Human Rights Campaign - fighting the good fight for us GLBT folks on a national scale
8. Sage's Cafe/Vertical Diner - um, yeah, everything on the menu rocks
9. Vienna Bistro - try the carrot cake
10. - already invaluable for any veggie
11. Carlucci's - dear god that dessert case
12. Jade Market/Rosie's Deli - my day wouldn't be complete without my daily visit
13. Walkability of my life - I love that I can go days without driving a car
14. - simply the best place to get arts & culture info
15. SLUG/City Weekly/In Utah This Week/Catalyst/Q Salt Lake/Salt Lake Magazine/ - thank God you're here
16. KUER/KRCL/UtahFM/KCPW - ditto
17. Wii Tennis - okay, so it's not really Utah but I live here and I have a Wii so it's a Utah Wii
18. Bruce Bastian - I've never known anyone with a bigger heart
19. Tony Larimer - you gave me something to shoot for as an artist
20. And finally, my dear friends sending good energy to me and my mother over the past year

Tony Caputo
1. Sitting on the patio of our market, smoozing with people
2. The view of the valley from my wifes gazebo
3. my wife
4. view of Mt. Olympus covered with snow
5. Red Iguana
6. Takashi
7. The Paris
8. Fresco
9. Ems
10. Tin Angel
11. Aristos
12. Greek Festival
13. Matt & Yelena Caputo
14. our customers
15. downtown farmers market
16. Canyonlands
17. Arches
18. Jordan Wilde at Zions
19. Real Salt Lake BEFORE they bailed on Salt Lake
20. Italian soccer at my house on Sundays
21. Easter at Saltas' house

Princess Kennedy’s 20 things in Salt Lake that don’t suck
1. Place to kick off the weekend: Dance Evolution at Trapp Door, Thursday nights.
2. Door Host: Justin Blue, Rage at Depot, Saturday nights.
3. Bartender: Tyler McComas, Babylon at Bliss, Saturday nights.
4. DJ: Justin Strange.
5. Local Band: Muscle Hawk.
6. Go-Go Dancer: (M) Michael Blevins (F) Miristi Gee (sic)
7. Club Photographer:
8. Guilty Pleasure:
9. Hair Stylist: Jared Gomez, (sic)
10. Mani Pedi Party: Skinworks, Sugar House.
11. Barista: Wren Kennedy, Nobrow.
12. Waiter: Steven Bell, Citris Grill. (sic)
13. Hang over cure: Soup Kitchen.
14. Sinful Delight: Vosen’s Bread Paradise.
15. Place to take out-of –towners for picnic: Red Butte Gardens.
16. Place to kill an hour: Deseret Industries.
17. Video Store: Downtown Library.
18. Antique Store: Cob Webs, Sugar House.
19. Bargain Warehouse: NPS market Square.
20. Tranny Super Star: ME!