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City Weekly Christmas Party



Hey ... how about that great City Weekly holiday party at Habits?

Ben Rosch: The photo booth is the best thing ever. If you have not experienced it yet, then you need to somehow find your way into a City Weekly party.

John Paul Brophy: Latecomers paid for their tardiness by having to sit at the “limelight” tables, but that made all the holiday attire even more resplendent.

Nick Clark: My drink tickets were gone in 30 seconds.

Lara Grant: To whomever witnessed my butt-on-the-ground “routine” on the dance floor: I wasn’t inebriated, my shoes were slippery! No, really! Stop laughing!

Rachel Scott: Thanks to the free wine being passed around at dinner, I only vaguely recall how half of my clothes came off—and how I ended up passed out in the car at 10 p.m. Awesome!

Susan Kruithof: That Jesse Fruhwirth was burning up the dance floor. And I’m telling you—if he didn’t get laid, no one got laid.

Larry Carter: How about it? Great time as usual, new faces and 25 years of success for Salt Lake City Weekly.

Jerre Wroble: That swankified venue made us a classier bunch, if only for one night. Max Hall would have been proud to rub shoulders with us.

Jackie Briggs: Well, is there anything better than seeing your co-workers drunkenly bump and grind on the dance floor? The answer is yes—almost everything is better.

Lia Pretorius: Classy affair! Great conversations with some witty and fun people! Of course, I left before the drunken debauchery began. Ignorance really is bliss!

Sheena Bathelt: Tearing up the dance floor with Jerre Wroble ... enough said!

Christopher Westergard: The party blew my mind! The best part was being sober and remembering the wild antics of my coworkers. I now have some really good blackmail material!