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City Weekly’s Best of Fallout


When someone says they’ll be traveling to Manhattan, you might get advice like, “Go to the Indian place on 33rd and 3rd Avenue. They have the best, cheap Indian food in Midtown.” That’s the sort of advice dispensed in the Best of Utah “staff picks,” which appear among the more democratic “readers’ choice” picks that are voted on by readers [“Best of Utah 2010,” Apr. 8, City Weekly]. As often as we try to explain this two-track system, readers still seem confused, and some get concerned.

“I hope City Weekly doesn’t go all ‘little league’ on us and start creating a category for every restaurant in the valley,” wrote Rubio on “Not everyone needs a trophy!”

Well, Rubio, we hear your concern, like Polonius to Halmet, that we shouldn’t “dull [our] palm with entertainment of new-hatch’d unfledg’d comrade.”

But we’re not doing that. Utah is so packed with awesome stuff, we need a lot of “Best of” categories to demonstrate how robustly awesome our beehive is.

Each year, we honor about 400 entities, people and places. But, Rubio, there are about 1,700 Utah restaurants and nearly 200 bars and clubs listed at, plus countless shops, people, organizations and outdoor attractions that are “the best” somethings.

We are not going little league—instead, we feel that the “Best of” issue is the best evidence that Utah is anything but.

Jesse Fruhwirth: