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Class of 2020: Graduating in the time of COVID-19

Sound off on your socially distanced commencement ceremony!



Class of 2020: Graduating in the time of COVID-19
Want to tell your story about your unique graduation experience? Answer at least 5 questions below to be considered for publication. Also, be sure to include your senior class photo and/or a publication-quality graduation photo. Let's hear from you!

* Your name
* Your age
* Your school

1. Any bragging rights from your time at school: GPA, honors, awards, band, sports, theater, dance, debates, clubs you were active in, etc.
2. How were your final months in school? Did you study online? If so, how effective was online education for you?
3. Do you feel you got a "pass" on final exams and such?
4. Were you able to avoid COVID-19 and stay healthy? If yes, did you stay home the entire time during the spring?
5. If you didn't stay at home, where did you go instead? (i.e., biking, hiking, to a job where you were an essential employee, etc.)?
6. What song/artist is your personal theme song for 2020 and why?
7. How did your school/teachers recognize graduating seniors? What, if anything, made your graduation extraordinary? Or was it a total bust?
8. Did your friends or family do anything special for you? Make your favorite foods, give you a unique gift?
9. Do you currently have a job? If yes, what do you do? Did you get hired before or after coronavirus?
10. Are you planning to enroll in college for the upcoming academic year?
If yes: what college or university?
What do you plan to major in?
If the coronavirus is still a factor this fall, will you delay your college plans?
11. If you're not going to college, what do you hope to do instead?
12. Did graduating in a pandemic give you a lot to think about? What's your takeaway?

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