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Club 90

Rock & Roll All Night



If you’re one of those people who wants to “rock & roll all night and party every day,” then Club 90 (9065 S. Monroe St. [150 West]) is your jam. This place is huge—it’s like someone remodeled a Sizzler and turned it into a kick-ass dance club—and there’s some sort of hoodang going down every night of the week. Weekends are Club 90’s meat & potatoes. Fridays and Saturdays are dedicated to live music, featuring local bands like Paid in Full, L.O.L. and Next Faze—each band plays both evenings. This weekend, classic-rock tribute band The Rock Dogs will be holding down the Kiss—and probably Journey—covers. With a massive dance floor, a ton of pool tables and cheap sips, Club 90 is a solid excuse to get down to Sandy.


This guy was here for one reason: dance-offs:
Tammy Anderson, Jerry Fennemore, Kim Chamberlin


Cargo shorts aplenty:
Russ Jansen, Vanessa Bennet, Ryan Peterson


Ha! This pool stick is hilarious:
Barbie Young, Cozette Goodfellow


Undoubtedly, Club 90’s most interesting man:
Sarah Whitaker, Ron Romero and Robin Christen