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Club Fed @ MacCool's


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The most recent Club Fed event -- "Halfway to St. Patrick's Day" at MacCool's Public House, was a blast. MacCool's owners Mic Warner and Scott Schlisman treated Club Fedders to a generous tasting menu, beginning with a killer crostini of gravlax and salmon mouse, followed by MacCool's awesome lamb ribs. Then, we got into a corned beef face-off between a grilled Reuben-style corned beef sandwich and a cold, deli-style corned beef sammie. Next up, classic St. Paddy's Day fare: stewed corned beef with cabbage and a side of au gratin spuds.

But the big surprise of the evening was a Scott Schlisman special. Scott, who is originally from Philadelphia, served up a fantastic "inside-out wit" Philly cheesesteak. Most of us were so full we took the steak home for leftovers.

If you were there, please post a comment about the event here. If you missed it, don't miss the next Club Fed outing!