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Cody Eden

Sunday, July 12


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The local crop of stand-up comedians has been producing some seriously funny characters over the last several years, most notably Marcus, whose path of ascendence up the laugh-monger ladder I shouldn’t have to recite. One of the newest talents to emerge from open-mic nights is Cody Eden, a tall, bearded, hippie-looking guy whose easygoing demeanor belies his amazingly sharp wit. He draws from a deep well of subject matter: schizophrenic neighbors, zombies, terminal illnesses, the public-education system and working for the postal service. He insists he doesn’t do drugs and sometimes wears a Utah Jazz cap without irony. Some people’s vision of the world is so skewed that hallucinogens would be superfluous, so bizarre that they make mental health seem like a relative concept. Find out what a hangover and a newborn infant have in common.

He’s also guesting on an upcoming episode of A Damn Movie Podcast, flexing his movie-reviewing muscles.

Cody Eden @ Mo’s Bar & Grill, 350 S. West Temple, 359-0586, Sunday, July 12, 10 p.m.