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Concert Jerks


Tell us about the time you went to a concert and someone near you was a jackass.

Austen Diamond: I’ll tell you what I love: When that first guy stands up and dances at a sit-down show and everyone is shifting and pissed. When everyone finally stands up, that person must feel like a pioneer, or, at least, less hated and maybe validated.

Rachel Scott: A few times when I’ve gone to see a concert at Red Butte, I’ve sat by some idiot parents who let their kids run all over the place screaming and carrying on through the entire concert. These parents should get a babysitter so I can enjoy my $45 concert!!

Alissa Wells: Pretty sure I am that jackass. When I drink I sound like Fran Drescher on crack. Sorry to all that have had to listen to me, but beer is delicious.

Margaux Lodge: I went to see Tori Amos at the Murray Park Ampitheater. Some jackass thought it was funny to keep yelling “Toooo-rrrri! Toooori Aaaaamoooos!” super obnoxiously. Right in the middle of a song, Tori stopped playing and told him to either shut the fuck up, or leave. Everyone cheered, the guy shut up, and it was a great show. I never forgot that!

Scott Renshaw: There was the one time that guy got totally stoned and was screaming for “Freebird” the whole time. Man, I’ll never go to the symphony again.

Pete Saltas: I went to Summer Jams at Usana Amphitheatre a few years ago and saw a man get tazed for his involvement in a fight. Not sure if that constitutes a “jackass” but it was still quite the sight!

Kolbie Stonehocker: Without fail, my “I’m extremely knock-over-able and just here for the music” vibe I must put off at concerts draws the highest, drunkest idiots in the place straight to me. I think I need some steel-toed boots if I want to keep going to concerts without a bodyguard boyfriend.

John Paul Brophy: Similar situation at the old Zephyr Club: The jerks’ reply to my request for them to stop talking was, “That’s how we like to listen to music.” My how-did-I-ever-come-up-with-that retort “Yeah, and you probably shower with your clothes on, too”! allowed me only music to appreciate for about two songs, and a lesson learned: Just find another seat.