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Concert Refreshment


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I’m writing in response to Jordan Taggart’s letter to the editor [“Et Tu, Bono?” June 2, City Weekly] wishing that U2 frontman Bono “would’ve shut the hell up and put his personal agenda and political posturing aside for once and just played some great music.” I find this viewpoint interesting, as I left the same concert and found myself thinking how refreshing it was to see a celebrity use their bully pulpit to advance basic human rights on a global scale.

Salt Lake City has certainly had plenty of concerts from celebrities who use our hard-won dollars to add to the pyre of their own megalomania (read: Kanye West), and speaking for myself, I left the concert feeling much better having used my money to support and encourage a band who, instead of simply hawking their wares and hyping themselves, promoted social justice and democracy. I would opine that if someone takes issue with that, then perhaps there is something wrong—it just is not with Bono.

Joshua G. Clauson


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