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Readers differ on legal and moral rights and wrongs of Utah adoption laws.


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The comment boards heated up over Jesse Fruhwirth’s July 29 City Weekly cover feature “Some Call It Kidnapping,” about Utah’s unique laws being used by unmarried moms and adoption agencies to preclude birth dads from gaining custody of their newborns.

Doll said: “You can ‘call’ it whatever you want. What it actually is, is a legal adoption. Get over it.”

Faith countered: “Doll, I mean Voodoo Doll, my son did everything legally to cover his rights—not in one state, but three. When you have nothing but corruption in the state of Utah, it is not a legal adoption.”

“What people fail to understand,” Betty said, “is that an unmarried male does not have any rights. … If men want to guarantee legal rights to children they help conceive, they must be married to the child’s mother.”

When some argued that it was morally wrong to shut out dads who wanted to raise their children, Anonymous asked: “Morally wrong?? Do you want to know what’s morally wrong? Having sex out of wedlock. These laws are designed to promote healthy, stable families for children.”

Let’s hear it for the healthy, stable families of Utah.

Young lovers, take heed: Best use the contraceptive of your choice, because things could get dicey if your egg and sperm hit it off.