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CONduit 20: Space Pirates of CONduit

Friday May 28 - Sunday May 30



The world of the fantasy/science-fiction “con” (convention) can be a strange and perplexing one to the uninitiated. Who are these people with their costumes, unique lingo and primal glee at all things fanciful?

Those of us who have spent time in their midst, however, know that it’s something like a concert that lasts for a whole weekend: an intoxicating atmosphere of shared affection for pop-culture and the pleasure it can give. Utah’s own CONduit celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2010 with a  flashback to its first incarnation, bringing back award-winning horror-fiction author and original guest of honor Barbara Hambly (Traveling With the Dead) to launch the gathering’s third decade. Utahn Kevin Wasden joins the festivities as official Guest Artist. Dozens more artists, illustrators, game designers and others will lead discussions and workshops. Throw in art contests, gameplaying and more, and there’s nowhere you should rather be to get your geek on.

CONduit 20: Space Pirates of CONduit @ Radisson Salt Lake City, 215 W. South Temple, May 28-30. Daily ($10-$25) and full weekend ($22-$45) registration available.

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