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May 22-24



Don’t fear the notion of a science-fiction/fantasy convention as a place simply for enthusiasts in odd costumes. Sure, they’re gonna be there, and they’re gonna have a blast. But CONduit is that, and then some.

Celebrating its 19th year, the annual gathering boasts familiar stuff like a dealers’ room, gaming, panel discussions and, yes, costume contests. It’s also a full-scale celebration of the creation of beloved stories and art works, including guest speakers like authors Dave Farland (aka Dave Wolverton), Paul Genesse and Brandon Sanderson. Few conventions invite participants into the act of creation as comprehensively, offering writing and art workshops and instruction in how to market new work to publishers. Spend the time that remains checking out all-day screenings of anime, pick up original art, or learn a little about the paranormal. It’s one-stop shopping for anyone carrying on a secret love affair with the fantastic.

CONduit XIX @ Radisson Hotel Salt Lake City, 215 W. South Temple, 801-864-0783, May 22-24.