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Conference Indigestion



Three topics presented at the recent LDS General Conference left me extremely concerned and angry.

1. Lowering the age for full-time missionary service for Mormon men from 19 to 18. At 18 and fresh out of high school, many young men are faced with several important and life-changing decisions. Losing the interim year deprives them of making any other choices aside from missionary work. Where is their free agency?

2. The idea that children raised by same-sex couples, unwed mothers or unwed parents are at a disadvantage. Divorce is denounced, especially when children suffer as a result. Who’s to say that a single mother or father, same-sex or unwed couple cannot provide a loving home for children? And what of the children exposed to spousal abuse simply because the couple refuses divorce?

3. The church welcomes, with open arms, gay members who remain chaste. Could there be a more disingenuous welcome?

Tragically, the Mormon religion continues to disavow and to disenfranchise the human dignity of good people who do not live within the closed-minded and antiquated confines of their destructive and elitist doctrines. What a shame.

American Fork