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Conflicted Loyalties


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Appointing Rep. Greg Hughes, R-Draper, to serve as chairman of the Utah Transit Authority board of trustees is wrong for three reasons: First, Hughes’ ownership of property near the 900 South TRAX station is a clear conflict of interest. Second, Senate Bill 272, which was introduced by the Legislature during the 2010 session, requires any board member who is a developer, partner, or owner of a UTA-related development to resign. Third, considering the recent allegations of corruption at UTA, it would be more prudent to appoint someone completely above reproach, meaning someone without the slightest conflict of interest, someone who appears to be incorruptible to the public.

This is the only way UTA will regain its reputation, and discontinue its descent into becoming an organization reminiscent of the Robert Moses era in New York.

Ryan Curtis


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