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CousCous Mediterranean Grill

Fresh food that's both good and fast


Vegetarian Couscous - AMANDA ROCK
  • Amanda Rock
  • Vegetarian Couscous
Food is usually good or fast. It is rarely both. CousCous Mediterranean Grill located in Murray is the best of both worlds. Offering a streamlined approach to dining, you simply order and pay at the counter and are given a number. With a glass of wine or soda and real cutlery in hand, get comfortable and wait for your food. Minutes later, your meal appears, arranged beautifully on ceramic plates.

The giant menu on the wall seems overwhelming at first. There’s a lot to chose from, and it all sounds good. Ask yourself important questions like “Do I feel like pizza?” or ”Salad, couscous or pasta?” Whatever you’re in the mood for, it’s likely on the menu.

Start with the Bruschetta ($6.75), a tasty combination of grilled veggies, rosemary bread with marinara and feta. Hummus, Mango Salsa & Garbanzo Chips ($5.95) is also a tasty option. The garbanzo chips are crispy and addictive and made in right here in Utah.

Shwarma, a combination of meats cut from a spit, is served many ways: over couscous, with pita bread and over nachos. Their Mediterranean Nachos are famous - garbanzo chips are loaded with refried garbanzo beans, mango salsa, green onion, sour cream and cheese. The nachos come with your choice of shwarma, steak or chicken for $8.99; leave them off for a vegetarian dish. The simple, yet satisfying Vegetarian CousCous Bowl ($7.50) is wonderful to tuck into on a chilly day. Sautéed zucchini, garbanzo beans, red peppers and onions are layered over fluffy couscous with a sweet teriyaki sauce. There’s a pop of unexpected flavor from sweet and tart sautéed cherries. The dish is topped with fresh green onions and sesame seeds. You can add teriyaki glazed shrimp, chicken or steak for $3.00.

Other vegetarian options include the Grilled Veggie Sandwich ($6.95). Sizeable pieces of roasted zucchini, eggplant, roasted red peppers and sweet red onions make up the this sandwich. Artichoke basil sauce is slathered on the toasted ciabatta bread with a sprinkling of feta; omit the cheese and sauce for a tasty vegan version. This sandwich is served with garbanzo chips. Add a cup of homemade soup or fresh salad and soda for an extra $3.95 to make a filling meal.

Chicken Parmesan Bake - AMANDA ROCK
  • Amanda Rock
  • Chicken Parmesan Bake

The Chicken Parmesan ($10.99) is a generous serving of breaded chicken served with vermicelli pasta and homemade marinara covered in melted mozzarella. Another hedonistic dish is the Lemon Scampi: thin noodles and butterfly shrimp in a decadent lemon cream sauce. The homemade rosemary garlic bread that comes with every pasta dish is perfect to soak up sauce on your plate. Couscous offers zucchini noodles in place of pasta as well as quinoa for an additional $1.25 - either are a good choice for a lighter meal.

Lemon Scampi - AMANDA ROCK
  • Amanda Rock
  • Lemon Scampi

Gourmet Baked Flat’s are like pizzas. Options include the CousCous Specialty ($8.75), topped with tomatoes, garlic, mozzarella, provolone, feta and fresh basil. Both the crust and the sauce are made in house and they’re delicious - a great option for take-out.

Speaking of takeout, how cool is it that you can order a glass of wine to enjoy while you’re waiting for your meal? Adding a modest wine and beer list makes Couscous Mediterranean Grill feel comfortable and intimate, like you would expect from a casual neighborhood joint.

CousCous’s food is really close to homemade. Olive oil is used for cooking and the flavor comes from fresh produce and herbs. The service is friendly and congenial; you can tell the staff takes pride in their work. This restaurant is best of both worlds - quick, inexpensive and quality, fresh food, the only thing they’re missing is a drive-thru.

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