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Create What You Crave

Learn sous vide cooking at Leo workshop



Michael Petralia is the visionary, co-creator, curator and science/technology expert behind The Leonardo’s brand-new workshop series Create What You Crave.

"I personally have an interest in understanding the way things work and how we can break down systems into a few key components and their fundamental roles,” Petralia says. “The idea behind Create What You Crave was to give people the opportunity to become inventors, makers and creators of something for which they have a passion.”

The series will start begin Feb. 1, with a workshop on what the French refer to as sous vide, or cooking under vacuum. Basically, the idea is that you seal food in an airtight bag and give it a hot-water bath for hours until the food is cooked just right. The class will explore the science behind this unique way of using temperature and pressure, discussing how it actually changes the molecular makeup of your dinner. Partcipants will also learn how to make their own personal sous vide cooking system at home.

As far as future subjects go, the possibilities are limitless—e.g., March will focus on beer brewing, and April will explore the art of tea. Other topics being considered are charcuterie, cheeses, coffees and chocolates. While most workshops will have an aspect of eating or drinking, others might explore topics such as making soaps and scents. But each subject has a strong science, art and craft component.

“Although we are all creatures of desire and consumption, the fulfillment of desire is often rife with guilt and regret,” Petralia says. “When we learn about and participate in the process of making, we slow down, consider our options more deeply, look at the system, its purpose and the purpose of its constituent elements, and we create something we understand that is in tune with our hearts, minds and bodies. Create What You Crave celebrates the process of creation as much as the thing that is created.”

The Leonardo
209 E. 500 South
Friday, Feb. 1
7 p.m.
$29, $24 Leonardo members