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In response to an online comment published in the March 22 issue of City Weekly, written by someone under the name “Kittens and Jesus,” it is untrue the website Mormonism 101 answered “No” to the question, “Do Latter-day Saints believe they can become ‘gods?’”

The person writing under the name “Kittens and Jesus” cited D&C 132:20-23, but this scripture is in agreement with the statement that Mormonism 101 cites, which begins, “Latter-day Saints believe that God wants us to become like Him.”

What Mormonism 101 did say “No” to was the question, “Do Latter-day Saints believe that they will “get their own planet?’”

There is nothing in LDS theology that teaches that planets are nothing more than gifts or door prizes handed out to people who have achieved godhood. Mormonism teaches that this planet, along with the universe, was created by God. It wasn’t given to him; he created it.

When a composer writes a song, he or she doesn’t say, “Look what someone gave me.” Instead they will likely say, “This song is my creation.” I hope this clarifies things.

Clark Larsen


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