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Curry Fried Chicken

Indian spices meet American comfort food


Curry-fried chicken plate
  • Curry-fried chicken plate

What’s in a name? Well, I can tell you what’s in the name Curry Fried Chicken: A delicious incorporation of Indian spices into an American comfort food. First you wrap your mind around it, and then you take the plunge.

The name might sound like an oxymoron, but it’s one that leaves you curious. Your work may suffer until you finally satisfy the urge to find out what “curry-fried chicken” is like. It will consume your thoughts day and night. Once you do eat there, however, be careful—you’re likely to get hooked.

The curry-fried chicken plate (pictured) comes with two to three pieces of fried chicken, lentils over basmati rice, salad, pita bread and veggie curry. It’s a beautiful sight to behold. The chicken has a dusting of yellow curry powder that makes it sparkle. It’s much more than outer beauty, however. The breading on the chicken is thin and extra crispy, to the point where it snaps like a wafer when you bite into it. Beyond that, you will find very moist and tender pieces of chicken.

Keep your ice water close by, as the chicken is spicy—but it isn’t the spiciest item on the plate. That distinction is reserved for the veggie curry, which will blow you away. The lentils over basmati rice are also delicious and cooked to perfection.

If there is any hesitation as to what the food will be like, just get yourself in the front door. The aroma alone will leave you totally captivated. From there, be sure to sit at the counter and watch the artists at work preparing your food. The best food joints are those with passion and love for what they do. The cooks at Curry Fried Chicken have extreme passion, and it shines through with their amazing food.

660 S. State


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