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CW Staffers Volunteer


How much time do you volunteer?

Rachel Scott: I volunteer for Special Olympics Utah, anything from graphic design work to scoring events like bowling, aquatics and skiing, to handing out awards. I volunteer a few Saturdays a year for the events and work about 10 hours per project for the design stuff. It’s pretty awesome.

Pete Saltas: I’m an assistant coach for a Greek youth b-ball team and the president of the local Cretan youth group—roughly six to eight hours a week.

Max Goff: Through my Rotary Club, I tutor a Bryant Middle School student in math. We meet once a week in the morning for about 40 minutes. Her math scores have improved considerably since we started last September—I’m very proud of her.

Nick Clark: I donate platelets through ARUP as often as I can. They take three units out of this big guy, so it takes about an 2 1/2 hours—most of which is spent watching a movie that my wife wouldn’t approve of.

Jesse Fruhwirth:
I teach English to adults at Guadalupe Schools for two hours per week. Join me. They always need volunteers.

John Paul Brophy: I’ve been a fixture in that capacity at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts twice a week for the past eight years—first as a docent with the kids tours, and then moving to the visitor service desk (due to limited physical condition).

Scott Renshaw: I’ve been on the board of trustees for a church for three years, which sometimes feels like the equivalent of another full-time job, and with nearly as much satisfaction from the results of those labors.