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Cyclists Can Be Hogs



It was ironic to pick up the paper and read John Saltas’ column [“Bicycle Twits,” Private Eye, May 21, City Weekly]. I was just talking about a couple of jerks on bikes I saw on my way to work recently. I was leaving my subdivision and I stopped on the yellow light at an intersection near my home. Good thing, or one biker dude would be DOA.

He had run the red. It didn’t even faze him. He was with three other guys. Two went one way, two went the other. I was next to two of them for some distance. One guy was a jerk the entire time, running stop signs, running lights, etc.

Near my work, I switched streets when along comes another biker hoggin’ his way down the street. He even went between cars that were clearly in their own lane. Cars can’t do that. What makes him think he can just create a lane of his own?

I have always had great respect and give bikers plenty of room. But yesterday, I was shocked to see how dangerous riders have become. I’ve never had this happen before. Maybe it’s spring madness.

Karen Erickson Johnson
Salt Lake City