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Dads Get Short End of the Stick



Divorced dads usually get the burnt end of the stick in the shish kebab of divorce court. But there are other losers in custody issues—the kids [“Disposable Dad,” April 25, City Weekly]. Children of divorce need both a mother and father in their lives—and they need them equally.

Too often, dads are kicked to the curb by vindictive ex-wives and uncaring judges. And then people line up to chastise the man, “Why did you desert your children?”

Because kids need both parents—whether they are married or not—custody courts should order equal time with both (unless they do not want 50/50 shared parenting or are unfit).

Such a rationale may remove an incentive to divorce as well. Women are usually ordered to receive child support. Is it any question why more women than men file for divorce?

The nation has a long way to go to attain an equal playing field in custody courts. More articles like this one will help end the alienation of children’s love for their parents.

San Antonio, Texas