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Dangerous Billboards


Are electronic billboards so distracting to drivers as to be unsafe? City Weekly founder John Saltas says no [see “Packer Punch,” April 14, City Weekly]. Commenters, however, showed no love or sympathy for billboards.

“I agree billboards are a load of crap,” wrote Marquaaaa, “but if they are distracting you because they cycle, you need to re-examine your life and why you are so impressionable that you can’t even drive.”

BlackMamba says the best beautification in Holladay has been billboard-related.

“[T]he best part of Holladay’s beautification was to take down and not allow replacement of that huge ... soul-sucking, sky-blocking monument to man’s greed, a giant, ultra-high-altitude Reagan billboard over the now-thankfully-bulldozed Little Caesar’s Horrible High School Pizza laboratory.”

Commenter Skulz had several opinions.

“One, Saltas said “big-ass ... ”! That’s funny even for Saltas. Two, [Sen. Michael] Waddoups inherits the ‘Chris Buttars Head-In-Ass’ cloak of a thousand shifting positions. Three, Shurtleff is a tool, always has been a tool, and possibly, or maybe, it’s the oxycodone.”

Rant Control is of two minds on billboards. When they’re on the highway, they’re useful and fine (even electronic ones)—just keep them out of my neighborhood.