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Date Night, The Joneses, Say Goodnight, Titan Maximum, Trauma

New DVD releases Tuesday, Aug. 10


Date Night - UNIVERSAL
Date Night
A dull suburban couple (Steve Carell and Tina Fey) become embroiled in a big-city crime caper, and only shirtless Mark Wahlberg and a mysterious flash drive can save them. Also featuring the last known sighting of the Amazon Kindle. (Fox)

The Joneses
A seemingly perfect, rich suburban couple (David Duchovny and Demi Moore) are actually plants working for a “lifestyle” marketing company to drive up product sales locally. As usual, all’s well until someone falls in love. (Roadside Attractions)

Say Goodnight
Three guys (including Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul) tell tales of lost romance (aww) and deviant sex (eww) in Movie No. 975 about how it sucks to be single and dating. Also starring Carly Pope, whom we all assumed would have a career by now. (MTI)

Titan Maximum: Season 1
From the brains behind Robot Chicken: Something even more offensive! Titan Maximum is a dysfunctional squadron of space jockeys who are a bigger threat to earth than any intergalactic villain. In other words, hi-larious! (Adult Swim)

Trauma: Season 1
Canceled by NBC, like, eight times, Trauma follows a group of good-lookin’ San Francisco first-responder paramedics as they live, love and save lives in The City by the Bay. If it weren’t already dead, that blurb would have killed it. (Universal)

More New DVD Releases (Aug. 10)
Children of Invention, Figure In the Forest, Girls Gone Wild: Finally 18, The Good Heart, Letters to God, Lucky Days, Multiple Sarcasms, My Name Is Khan, Nightmare Alley, Numb3rs: The Complete Series, Reunion, Sea of Dust, Triage

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