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Dave Attell

May 29-30



Hide the children: comedian Dave Attell is coming to town.

People usually don’t just happen upon an Attell show; you know what you’re getting yourself into when you purchase that ticket. To his small but fiercely loyal fan base, he’s a brilliant and edgy comedian—not edgy in that, “gee, I never thought of that before” way, but more like “this guy just might be the devil.”

Attell has to be one of the fastest comedians out there. He delivers his hilarious, supremely offensive punchlines with lightning speed—and with good reason. Before anyone has time to register how outrageous his joke was, he’s already on to a completely different topic, forcing you to leave behind any anger just to keep up, which generally means very few hecklers. It’s almost dizzying how fast he moves through his material, and you have to wonder how a guy who goes on and on about the amount of alcohol and drugs he’s consumed can possibly remember all those jokes.

His Comedy Central series Insomniac lasted from 2001-03, and helped get some name recognition, but not enough to get his attempted revival of The Gong Show off the ground in 2008. Luckily, he’s gone back to doing what he does best: touring. Besides hitting every comedy club in the country, he’s also a mainstay on USO tours. Maybe soon he’ll have enough freaky road stories to bring Insomniac back—to late night TV, of course.

Dave Attell @ Wiseguys, 2194 W. 3500 South, West Valley City, 801-463-2909, May 29-30, 8 p.m. and 10:30 p.m., WiseguysComedy.com