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David Archuleta Idolatry


David Archuleta fans raved about his new memoir as well as Brandon Burt’s glowing review of it [see “David Archuleta,” May 31, City Weekly.net], but one reliably contrary commenter kept things interesting by piercing the balloons of all those fans who are so impressed with the 19-year-old teen singing sensation from Murray.

“David is only 19 years old but there aren’t a lot of 19 year olds around who have the values, spirituality, talent, morals, etc. that he has!” wrote Breanne. “David Archuleta is a beautiful young man inside and out! Love him!!”

“I read the book start to finish in one night,” wrote Paula. “His story is told with no pretenses, simply to encourage others and to share his personal journey.” There were several comments like those, many by female names, prompting BlackMamba to suggest that libido is blinding the fans and that Archuleta ain’t all that. “Can’t wait for another book when you turn 21, then 30, then 40, then your Vegas years, your cruise ship years and finally, Where Are They Now?-episodes from the retirement home recreation-room sing-along,” BlackMamba wrote.

Rant Control thinks any ghost-written memoir of a 19-year-old pop megastar epitomizes “truthiness.” If you must, enjoy Arhuleta’s book as a work of very creative non-fiction because way too many people’s paychecks rely on this idol to risk revealing any of his warts.

Jesse Fruhwirth: