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Dead Like Me, Feast 3, How to Lose Friends & Alienate People & Quarantine




Dead Like Me: Life After Death
The DVD-movie epilogue to the canceled Showtime series about reapers who walk among us, minus boss Mandy Patinkin—which allows the reapers to go nuts and break all the dead rules. Yes, there are dead rules, Peanut. (
Feast 3: The Happy Finish
The finale to the John Gulager trilogy! The flesh-eating monsters are still on the loose, and only a biker, a bartender and a wrestler can stop them! Gulager’s the only director from Project Greenlight still working, so shut up. (
How to Lose Friends & Alienate People
Simon Pegg (not quite as funny as usual) and Kirsten Dunst (way funnier than usual) star in the tale of a British writer hired by an American magazine who pisses off all of New York, just by being a complete dickhead. Hmmm. (
A TV fluff reporter (Dexter’s Jennifer Carpenter) and a firefighter crew become trapped in an apartment building with diseased cannibals; screaming, gore and shaky camerawork ensue. Still better than that damned Cloverfield. (
Finally, a film for the whole family to watch together! Bill Maher examines the religions of the world in the documentary that asks, “What would Jesus do if he weren’t a complete figment of your addled imagination, hillbilly?” (

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