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Deep End | On Point: Wounds, resurrections and dogs in the hunt.



Q. Was Iowa a political earthquake?
A. Iowa was a perfect storm. It was a hurricane.

Q. Can Mr. Obama ride the wave of victory into future primary battles?
A. I see no clouds on the horizon.

Q. Was Mr. Huckabee’s surge a surprise?
A. Not if you read the tea leaves.

Q. Can Mrs. Clinton punch through Mr. Obama’s momentum?
A. It depends upon the nature of momentum. Is momentum gas, liquid or solid?

Q. Can Mrs. Clinton eclipse Mr. Obama’s momentum?
A. If the stars are aligned.

Q. Is Mr. Obama a rock star?
A. He is definitely a rock star.

Q. Was Mrs. Clinton’s husband once a rock star?
A. He was indeed a rock star, but now he has been eclipsed. He is over the hill. His sun is setting.

Q. Can Mrs. Clinton weather the storm?
A. She needs to stop putting her finger in the wind and get into the arena and get her clothes dirty.

Q. Is Iowa the death knell for Mr. Romney?
A. Mr. Romney is wounded.

Q. How wounded is Mr. Romney?
A. He is grievously wounded.

Q. Is Mr. Romney mortally wounded?
A. He is trying to resurrect his campaign. He wants to live to fight another day.

Q. Mr. Romney says he’s happy with the silver medal.
A. But he’s going for the gold.

Q. Mr. Romney blanketed Iowa with ads.
A. Nevertheless, Mr. Huckabee got the lion’s share of caucus delegates.

Q. Can Mr. Romney go the distance?
A. The campaign is a marathon and the race has just begun.

Q. Is Mr. Romney on the comeback trail?
A. If he can turn things around.

Q. The Iowa voters did not like Mr. Romney’s attack dog ads.
A. Now, however, Mr. Romney is the underdog.

Q. Has Mr. Huckabee picked up the scent?
A. Mr. Huckabee is now in the hunt. He is now the top banana. His campaign is beginning to bear fruit.

Q. What is the Mormon church?
A. It is the monkey on Mr. Romney’s back.

Q. Is the Romney campaign’s claim of anti-Mormonism a case of sour grapes?
A. He has been handed a lemon, but can’t make lemonade.

Q. Will the Republicans ride Mr. Huckabee to victory in the general election?
A. As long as he doesn’t stumble out of the starting gate.

Q. Are there hurdles for Mr. Huckabee along the way?
A. He will cross that bridge when he comes to it.

Q. Is Mr. Edwards a dark horse?
A. No, Mr. Edwards is a horse of a different color. He calls himself Seabiscuit.

Q. Is the Republican race now neck and neck?
A. Are you calling Mr. Romney a horse’s neck?

Q. Is Mr. Obama fired up?
A. Mr. Obama is fired up. Mr. Obama is smokin’.

Q. Didn’t Mr. Obama give up cigarettes?
A. He’s still smokin’.


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